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Module 2 – Wants vs Needs

In this Module, you’re going to take your ideal clients specific wants and needs and analyze them to discover what they really mean to them.  These are the compelling factors that ultimately create the demand for your cleaning service.  These are the problems, concerns and frustrations most clients experience when dealing with cleaning businesses – we call them their “hot buttons”.

Is their decision impulse or planned?  When you know for sure, you can determine where to position your business in their decision making process.  Solving your ideal client’s problems and frustrations is the key.  If you can offer solutions to their problems, they’ll buy from you every time..

However, you must realise that your competition is offering similar solutions to your client’s wants and needs in an attempt to lure business away from you.  When both you and your competition provide the exact same service, your ideal clients can’t tell if you’re any better or different.

All clients, no matter what the product or service, are looking for the best deal.  That doesn’t mean the lowest price.  Clients will pay a higher price if you show them the value.    However, if they can’t tell who provides them with the most value, they will be left with no choice but to default to the business offering the lowest price.  With the help of the 2 videos in this Module, you will never compete on price again…

So, sneak into your client’s minds.

Learn what they secretly dream of. Understand how you can fulfill their wishes and desires. And how you can help them avoid trouble and hassle.

When you connect your know-how and enthusiasm to your client’s desires, the magic happens. Your business will grow. You can increase your fees. You can drop difficult clients. And have more fun…..

Here is Video 1 – Wants Vs Needs – Why They Buy & What Are Their “Hot Buttons”

The key is to offer more value than your competitors.  This may require you to ‘innovate’ your cleaning business.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune to completely redesign your business.  It does mean you need to know for certain what your ideal clients want, and find new and better ways to give it to them..

Here is Video 2 – Decision Makers, Influencers & Users

You won’t always be able to get to the final decision maker, so this module helps you understand what the different roles each ‘piece of this puzzle’ play – Decision Makers, Influencers & Users are all very important to you… in their own way..

After going through this video, I’d like you to identify on the sheet below the possible decision makers, influencers and users for your cleaning services.

You’ll need to take this information into consideration later when you begin marketing to them..

 Click on the image below to read the blog post, “Meet The Millennials”

Meet The Millennials




Words For Winning – Episodes # 5 and #6


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