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Module 4 – This Week, Its All About Sales…

This week we’re diving deep into sales – we’re covering A LOT in this week’s modules – so there’s no homework this week, just lots of cool tips, ideas and strategies, and case studies for you to watch – including:

  • Good vs Bad – What does a good website have that a bad website should have?
  • How to get “Found” on Google
  • Blogging  – what is it, and why you need to start doing it
  • Sharing on Social Media – quick ‘how-to’ for beginners

Homework Assignment for Module 4

After watching each of the videos in this week’s Module, your assignment is to carefully review your current website, and see where you need to potentially make adjustments – remember, Google only reward Page 1 positions to well designed websites with good copy, images and most importantly, a good customer experience..   So, here’s what you’re looking for:

  1. Contact/Telephone number in top right hand position on every page of your website
  2. Images that are not blurry or poor quality
  3. At least 500 words of good quality copy per page.
  4. A ‘call to action’ on each page.  If you have Infusionsoft or another CRM system, this makes it easier to capture your prospect’s details – so vital to have an opt-in/call to action on EVERY page.
  5. A good “About Us” page – remember, this is the 2nd most viewed page on your website – it’s got to be amazing!
  6. A Privacy Policy in the footer of each page
  7. Address and contact details

Once you’ve done a full check of your website, report back your results in our Private Facebook Group…  Are you the proud owner of an awesome website, (or not)?

Words For Winning



Here is a great form to use when you receive a new lead calling into your business:  new-lead-quote-yellow-form

Courtesy of Digital Marketer, here is a list of 212 Blog Post Ideas:  212-blog-posts

List of Google Keywords:  keywords-for-cleaning-industry