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Module 5 – This Week It’s All About Bidding Proposals and Sales   Appointments

This week we’re looking at the process that surrounds sales – communication, meeting with your prospects, and quotes and proposals…

Below the videos, you will find various documents that you are free to “Swipe”…. these include proposal documents, terms and conditions/terms of service documents, a copy of the “8 Mistakes Report” and a quick sheet on how to calculate a bid.   Please note that none of these documents are in any way, legal advice as neither Lisa Macqueen nor any employee of Cleaning Marketer has a legal degree, or has ever studied law – so, our advice is to check all of these documents will comply with the laws in your Country before you use them in your cleaning business!! 

Module 5 Homework Assignment For the Week:

This week, you’ll be working on your current bid/proposal document.   Using what you have learned so far, read through the current document/s you use, and then create a new and improved version.  Here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Read the document and count how many times it talks about your company (in any tense)
  2. Now count how many times it talks about the prospect – is there a huge difference?  If so, you are making this document all about YOU, and it should be all about THEM.
  3. Check your document – you should be hitting at least 3 of your ideal client’s hot buttons, and if you’ve identified more hot buttons when you spoke or met with the prospect, then make sure you include these hot buttons in the proposal – and if you also include a cover letter with your proposals, ensure the hot buttons are there too.
  4. Think about where you can use your Words for Winning within the proposal…
  5. Don’t be too formal.  Remember, people buy from people, so make your proposal easy to read and friendly.
  6. Is your proposal talking about features or benefits?

Features are facts about your cleaning service. Benefits are what your service does for your customers.

Imagine you’re selling an oven. One of its special features is a fast preheat system. Fast pre-heating is a feature, because it’s a fact about the oven – it explains what the oven does.

To define a benefit you ask yourself So what?

The oven preheats quickly.

So what? 

It’s quickly ready to start cooking your lasagna.

So what? 

Your food is on the table sooner.

So what? 

Life is less stressful. There’s less hanging around the kitchen waiting for the oven to get ready. And you don’t have to worry you might forget to preheat your oven.

The So what? trick works beautifully in the cleaning industry:

  • We only use green cleaning products.  So what?  Your family won’t be exposed to any toxic fumes or residues which may make them sick. 
  • We use site technology to monitor your site.  So what? You can always track the status of your cleaning, provide feedback, request urgent work or sort out problems in a matter of moments.
  • We use a colour-coded cleaning system. So what?  You’ll never have to worry about cross contamination from site to site. 

Words For Winning




Module 5 Live Group Call Recording:


On the group call we discussed some cool little gifts that you could use for your prospects – here are the details for each:


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