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Module 7 – This Week It’s All About Referrals, & Timesaving Tools..

Before we look at how to get more referrals, its important to understand what it is that makes your cleaning business referable.  Why would someone tell another person about your cleaning business?  If you think about it, it’s quite a challenge to overcome..

The truth is that most don’t refer – why?  Because they just don’t care about you or your cleaning business.  I know that’s hard to hear, but let’s get real.

Just as your clients don’t care about your cleaning business (remember I dropped that truth bomb back in Module 1), all they care about is how you solve their problems.

And guess what?

Referral partners (or as I like to call them, Promoters) also don’t care about your business.  They have their own businesses to grow, and look, most of them don’t refer because it’s just not in their self interest – and that’s our fault.  We haven’t engineered our businesses in a way that makes it a benefit for our clients and others to refer us.  

So, how can you make your cleaning business referrable – and start winning a lot more business?

How To Get Referral Partners & Promoters


SAMPLE REFERRAL LETTER:     sample-referral-letter

5 ESSENTIAL CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING PROMOTERS:  promoter-selection-checklist


CHECKLIST EXAMPLE OF ANOTHER INFORMATION PIECE PROMOTERS CAN USE:  checklist-promoters-can-use-for-promoting-you

Words For Winning

Technology Tools – SWEPT

This system is a fantastic combination of time and attendance and on-site communication, as well as quality control checking.  Imagine, being able to take your conversations with your customers online with an easy to use message board that comes complete with an app, for ‘real-time’ conversations between all stakeholders.  You, your operations staff, onsite cleaning staff and customers.

This is the way of the future, and will give you an unbelievable edge when you’re competing for new business, because with this tool, you’ll be able to change the conversation with your prospects to ‘show and tell’ instead of ‘sell, sell, sell’…..

You can contact the team at Swept for more details and a demo –

Technology Tools – Infusionsoft

We use Infusionsoft to run every system and process within our cleaning business, with the exception of the accounting.  It saves us time, saves us considerable money, and ensures that we don’t forget anything, nothing slips through the cracks…

With a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, we’re able to manage every step of our sales and marketing funnel, all of our internal workflow – sending out contracts to our customers, and informing key staff and our internal departments  – automatically.  And by doing this, it ensures we have a strong and solid framework for our business, and a S.Y.S.T.E.M (Save Your Self Some Time, Energy & Money) for everything we do every day.

The beauty of this, is that things don’t get forgotten or slip through the cracks – because our system handles all of the day-to-day tasks required to manage a cleaning business, leaving us with way more time to focus on our customers.

From initial enquiry, to site visit, quote, contract and onboarding, quality control visits and customer surveys, to sending out holiday cards, welcome gifts, upsell offers, testimonials requests and everything in between – we handle every single step with this business-changing automation (not to mention all the staff onboarding and compliance…)…

If you’re not an automation dynamo (and most cleaning business owners aren’t!), don’t worry.  We’ve taken all the hard work out of getting a system up and running, writing great emails that will attract (instead of repel) your prospects, completely eliminated all the confusion around how many follow up emails to send, and when to send them, and of course, the worry of if it will work or not…

Imagine being able to just plug straight into the exact same campaigns that we use at Cleancorp.  Award Winning campaigns, that have been proven to work (that’s how we grew to a multi-seven figured business so fast), that are only available from Cleaning Marketer. And, because we’re Infusionsoft Certified Partners, we’re specially licensed to not only help you with getting onboard with this CRM, but we can also literally ‘push’ these amazing campaigns straight into your System..

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for a CRM, the following 3-part video series will help you decide if a system is right for you.