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Social Media Week…

Social media has been kind of a ‘no-go zone’ for many cleaning business owners.  So many CBO’s either don’t understand how social media works, or feel like it’s a massive time-waster – and yet, if done correctly, nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, in today’s economy, you need to understand social media in order to get more ‘reach’ for your business – and more reach = more prospects, and more prospects, you guessed it, = more customers.

So where should you start?

In this, our final Module for the Cleaning Business School program, we’re going to dive in on the areas of social media that you really need to master first – Linked In and Facebook, master these and you will be miles ahead of your closest competitors because many of them just don’t understand how they can use social media to get attention for their business.   But you will, and once you do, you’ll see there are loads of different ways you can use these tools to stand head and shoulders above your closest competitors…

Linked In Part 1 – Introduction

Linked In Part 2.

Linked In Part 3 – Groups


Linked In Part 4 – Searches


Not Sure What To Write For Your Blog Posts And Articles?  Here’s a list of 70 ideas to get you started:  70-article-suggestions-for-blog-posts
Great Blogs You Can Share Content From:  great-blogs-to-use-for-sharing
Want to pre-schedule all your social Media to save time?  Go checkout Meet Edgar:

FACEBOOK – Setting Up Your Profile, A Company Page, and Social Media Tool – MeetEdgar…

I’ll be doing Part 2 of the Facebook Training live with you on our group call, to make it more interactive – we’ll be looking at how to find the right groups, and how to reach out and connect with people… Best of all, we’ll be doing it on your Facebook profiles!

Recording Of Live Group Call For Module 8: